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You know those women who are happy, successful and toned in all the right places?  Emily Johnson is one of them, and one I greatly admire and appreciate.  Emily brought Pure Barre to Columbus, and is making her mark in the fitness community.  In my Q&A with Emily, she shares her favorite health and fitness tips, including LTB….which is quite simply, awesome!

Ellie: What inspired you to bring Pure Barre to Columbus?
Emily: The very first Pure Barre class I took I knew the technique was extraordinary. It was isolating and targeting core muscles that I had never been able to get to. I felt that the classes were enjoyable and intense! This method creates a welcoming community of people who are working independently, yet have a common goal: changing their bodies. I knew immediately this was a something that needed to be shared in Columbus. I just felt it would be a perfect fit for the busy, active women and men in our area.  (Side note from Ellie…yes, men can take the class, but my husband wouldn’t last 5 minutes!)
Ellie: How have you seen the bodies, minds and even attitudes of clients change over time?
Emily: I’ve literally seen people shrink – it’s the most amazing thing! Our motto is, “lift, tone, burn” and that’s exactly what I have witnessed: toned arms, thin thighs, narrow waists and lifted, tighter seats. It’s precisely what most women are looking to change. I’ve also noticed that the challenge of the workout and the results give clients a sense of self-assurance. I start to see them stand a little taller, smile more and gain so much confidence. (Side note from Ellie….feeling strong is the best part!)
Ellie: You are on the “front lines” in the world of health and fitness, what advice do you share with your clients?
Emily: My biggest tip for my clients is to create habit with things that will make a better you. Make a schedule, plan to be there and let others know what you’re doing so you can have someone to hold you accountable.
Ellie: As a former OSU cheerleader and dancer, what’s your favorite exercise tip?
Emily: Find the workouts that you are passionate about and enjoy going to each time. For me, Pure Barre holds my interests for so many reasons, but mostly because you can always make the class more challenging so you cannot plateau. For everyone with any kind of athletic or competitive background can appreciate a consistent challenge.

Ellie: Diet tip?
Emily: Diet and losing weight is all about consistently making smart choices and being conscience with what you are putting in your body. There is no secret or magic pill. You get out of it what you put into it. To maintain a healthy lifestyle you need to be sensible. We all know what foods are good and bad for us and how much is too much. And don’t be hard on yourself when you do have a “cheat” day – if you try making up for it you could do a lot more harm than good.
Ellie: Lifestyle and wellness tip?
Emily: Maintaining a happy, healthy lifestyle is all about balance. Balance between family, friends, work and “me time”. Whether that’s a good workout, pampering yourself, or spirituality.

Ellie: What do you think is the ideal workout…as in balance between cardio and strength training?
Emily: That’s a tricky question because not everyone needs the same combination or has the same preferences. Before Pure Barre, I would have considered myself a cardio queen. But at the same time I would dread my workouts. Once I found Pure Barre I realized working out could be fun and stimulating. Needless to say I haven’t looked back since. So for me, I spend almost all of my time taking Pure Barre classes. Not only do I love the workout, but since I am typically pretty busy I love that I can get a total body workout in one hour. I also enjoy walking my dog and running with a friend for cardio.

Ellie: What are you top 10 healthy, can’t live without, superfoods?
Emily: Oh this is tough. I love salmon, raspberries, avocado, grapefruit, asparagus, sweet potatoes, greek yogurt, kiwi’s, eggs and peanut butter. (Side note from Ellie—you all know my love for peanut butter.  Anybody who puts in the superfood category is a friend of mine!)

Ellie: As a busy woman running her own business, how do you wind down and calm your mind?
Emily: Most days I wind down with a good walk with my dog, Tucker. There is something about being outside, without my phone or computer, and the fresh air that is calming. Also, when I can I love a good bubble bath and a glass of wine! (Side note from Ellie—I feel the same way about vino as I do about peanut butter!)

Ellie: Do you have a mantra or spiritual “pulse” that you turn to in trying times?
Emily: When I have difficult times I try to keep in mind that, “this shall pass too” and I attempt to view the situation from a different perspective. My family and friends are so wonderful and helpful when I’m dealing with a tough situation.

Feel free to leave your comments below.  You can learn more about Pure Barre, and follow Emily on FB and twitter.  Thanks Emily for being you!

I’m always looking for inspiring women to profile, so email me if you’d like to nominate someone. 


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