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Go Red & Save A Heart

When I set out to cover several stories for our “Go Red” coverage, focusing on heart disease in women, I did not realize the story would affect me the way it did.  I discovered a dear, young girlfriend of mine faces heart disease and to be perfectly blunt, that scares me.  There’s just something about it, down in my stomach, that I do not like. 

Her name is Christina.  She’s young (heck yes—35 is young!), a busy working mom, and a woman of strong faith.  She is absolutely fabulous, and one of those girlfriends you just love to run into because she “makes your day.“  Christina is also busy juggling a career with two young children, and that’s probably what made me sit up and pay attention, because our children are very close in age.  Christina had the symptoms of a heart attack just a few weeks ago.  She had chest pain and knew something didn’t feel right.  On top of that, she has a strong family history of heart disease.  Her father had his first heart attack at age 36, and two of her uncles and her grandmother have struggled with the disease, logging numerous heart procedures over the years.  When Christina noticed her chest pain, she went to her doctor to get it checked out.  It wasn’t a heart attack, but a wake-up call.  She’s a great example of a younger generation of women facing heart disease, and what I love is that she is doing everything she can to protect her heart by working out, eating right and seeing her doctor.  Christina is a mom, and her children need her.  She can’t risk anything and she doesn’t have time to waste.  I trust she will live a long healthy life thanks to her taking action.

We can all learn from Christina.  I certainly did.  I know the facts and figures of the disease.  I know it’s the #1 killer of women, but I still had this picture in my head of an older man.  That’s the stereotype…that heart disease is a “grandpa’s disease.“  Not a chance.  Women of all ages face heart disease, and Christina changed that picture in mind.  Ladies, this is our disease and our time to take control of our health and protect our hearts.

Below is a picture of Caroline sporting her red dress and red dress pin.  It’s never too early to start taking care of your heart!  Caroline told me this morning that she’d tell all of her friends to be heart healthy.  That’s my girl!  On this “Go Red” Friday, I urge you to do everything you can to keep your ticker, ticking.  The American Heart Association is a wealth of information and online resources to help us stay fit and healthy. 



Posted by on 02/03 at 12:36 PM

Caroline sweetheart you are looking so cute wearing red dress. Feeling good having another update! Thanks and I appreciate you Ellie whatever you doing to save a heart project.

Posted by andonyfrank  on  02/06  at  03:18 AM
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