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TRX Suspension Training

Today I headed to Pai Yoga Fitness in Dublin for a story on TRX Suspension Training.  I had heard about it, but had not tried it yet and was curious.  Friends had told me that it’s a tough workout, but WOW!  It was intense, inspiring, and effective.  We are featuring this story on NBC4 at 6 tonight and I am impressed!

TRX instructors say that navy seals developed this strength training workout, which utilizes suspension straps to allow you to use your own body weight for resistence.  TRX requires balance, control and strength to build muscle.  With the suspension straps you perform different strength training moves like lunges, planks, and squats.  Think of holding your legs in the air behind you while you do a plank or a push-up.  It definitely makes it harder.  You have to use your whole body, especially your core, to do each move.  Instructor Kriston Jones says TRX is, “all core, all the time!“  Jones teaches several classes a week and says it’s one of the hardest workouts she has ever done.

It’s worth a try as we head into 2011.

Here’s the link to their website if you want to check out classes!

Happy New Year!

Posted by on 12/30 at 02:23 PM

I’ve read a little bit about this type of training from my group friends at weight watchers. i also downloaded the weight watchers app and have been tracking my weight. lost 35 lbs so far!

Posted by weightwatchersapp  on  12/19  at  05:13 PM

yoga is not good solution to weight loss.To the best method is exercise and dieting.you can find some good information here. http://www.about-my-health.com

Posted by skyacme  on  12/29  at  01:35 AM

I agree with the above statement. Yoga isn’t very effective for weight loss, but it is great for flexibility and relaxation.  The old tried an true still apply for losing weight… diet and exercise.  If you’re in the Columbus area, check out these Columbus personal trainers for more info.

Posted by cbustrainer  on  01/23  at  12:40 PM

Yeah I follow yoga only. Its really a good option.

Posted by treatment for dark spots  on  02/08  at  08:11 AM

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Posted by ChristianOlsen  on  02/17  at  11:06 AM

TRX sounds interesting.  Will have to check into this.

Posted by CityAlice  on  08/28  at  04:28 PM
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