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Working Moms=Sick Kids?

First of all, forgive the headline “working moms.“  We all work don’t we?  I’ve never been a fan of the labels because there are so many options and combinations for both moms and dads to work full time or part time, from home or away from home.  And bottomline, we all make the choices that fit best for our families. 

Now, to this new study that certainly caught my attention this morning.  Researchers at North Carolina State University looked at 89,000 children ages seven to 17 and 20 years of data from the Centers for Disease Control.  The researchers found that children of working mothers have a 200% increased risk of hospitalization, asthma episodes, injuries and poisonings.  Yes, it’s one study, so don’t freak out.  Other studies have found that children of working mothers are actually healthier because of increased incomes and better health insurance. 

So this got me thinking, and it brings up an interesting debate.  I know my girls have faced a lot of colds this year, and my guess is it’s because they’ve been around more kids and exposed to more germs.  Makes sense right?  Besides the nasty colds and ear infections, they are very healthy and happy. 

So what do you think about this study?  What do you see in your children or family?


Posted by on 02/25 at 10:16 AM

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Posted by adalbertfrank  on  11/22  at  06:53 AM

This has to be an interesting blog post. I could have seen blogs like this in other blogs. I just hoped that things would work out well with your kids when they are sick. A good parent like you can be a good model.
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Posted by djohouston  on  01/18  at  03:24 AM

For kids to be healthy, they need to learn to eat healthy food. We must minimize, if not entirely eliminate, processed foods, foods grown on nutrient depleted soils and foods that have to travel around the world before they find their way to our tables.
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Posted by John Peter  on  01/24  at  12:07 AM

A mother is the best friend of her children.but a working mother cannot get the opportunity to be attached with her children. This article is indicating that their children are more prone to sickness. I think those mothers will feel very bad reading this. Yes, the fact is true but as the mothers are busy in working, question is which side will she sacrifice. Carpet Cleaning

Posted by jakkysprint  on  01/28  at  01:54 PM
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