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Act Of Valor

Director: Mike McCoy & Scott Waugh
Screenplay: Kurt Johnstad


Roselyn Sanchez as Agent Morales
Sonny Manson as Green
Alex Veadov as Christo
Nestor Serrano as Walter Ross

TRT: 101 minutes, (R)  for strong violence including some torture, and for language

Peacock Feathers: 3 out of 5

By: Marcus Thorpe

Full disclosure, I saw only the first hour or so of this movie, so this won’t be a full review for you, but did want to share my thoughts.

As you know these are not trained actors in the lead roles, these are active duty Navy Seals that worked with the writers and directors to put a different take on another action film.  There are plenty of parts where that certainly takes away from what is really one interesting movie.  When they are forced to deliver lines that don’t have a “Roger”, or “Locked and Loaded” in it, it feels a bit clunky.  The writers steer clear of too much conversations that aren’t mission related, so you are spared from the biggest shortcomings.  But what is falls short on, it makes up for and then some when it comes to action and strategy.  There are missions where the snipers are posted up, where the Seals are going under water, where jeeps are crashing, and racing through the jungle, there are rescue efforts, there are brave lives lost, it moves.  Let me clarify that a bit, IT MOVES!!!!!  With war being so much in our minds right now, this is one of the most unique peeks behind what goes into planning and action from the men who live and breathe it everyday.  The filming of the movie is amazing to look at.  There is so much care taken with every shot, you can almost feel what these men must feel as the they crawl undetected from spot to spot.  The editing is flawless, the action will leave you breathless, if you were going to see a movie this weekend, this one would be the one to see.  Bottom line, you won’t walk out feeling like you were cheated at all, you get your money’s worth!!


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