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Oversized men salsa dancing on an indoor football field in the heart of America.
Must be Super Bowl Media Day.
Tuesday was my first experience covering what’s become an event as fascinating as the game itself in many ways. Fascinating, in that people find it… fascinating.
They must. Because it’s now carried on live tv, heavily sponsored by Gatorade and other corporate big boys and this year—-Fans.
That’s right. Some 7,000 spectators purchased tickets to watch media day in person from the stands at Lucas Oil Stadium. Face value for those tickets was $25, but several people we talked to today said they bought tickets on Ebay and other re-sale avenues for $350… or more.
Fans were given ear radios to tune into channels to hear selected players from each team.
If there were ever an indication that Americans cannot possibly get enough football, this is it.  People are putting down hard-earned money to watch football players talk. From a distance.
It seems anything the NFL can create as a media-fan opportunity, it works. 25 years ago the NFL Draft was programming for only the most hardcore of fans , and now housewives evaluate college talent on their 40 times and vertical jump. Why? Because the NFL marketed the Draft as an opportunity to invest in your chosen team’s future, or the future of the league at large.
The 20 most-watched TV shows all time (raw # of viewers) are ALL Super Bowls.  In 2011, the top 5 viewed tv shows of the year were all NFL games. The 2011 Super Bowl (XLV) stands as the most watched TV show of all-tiime… likely until this Sunday.
The media day event itself serves as much more of a circus. It’s a medley of spokesmodels who cozy up to players and get them to dance or sing. One guy wore a superhero costume because he was working for NickToons. Let me know how the NickToons Super Bowl coverage compares to the networks.
Steeler defensive lineman Brett Keisel interviewed players about their facial hair on behalf of Head & Shoulders. That’s because Keisel displays one of the most devastatingly gruesome beards in American history. A nest of birds could be living in it. But I digress…
It’s incredibly fun because, if you’re taking this event seriously, you’re doing it.  A few serious questions get slipped in along the way, but most of those can wait till tomorrow or the next day.  Thankfully we’ll be here for it.

Posted by Donna Willis on 02/01 at 07:11 AM
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Its great that you are back jerry! :) I thought you are not coming easily and continue your blog impressively. But I was wrong you are such a great person and you proves it by coming back. Love your Super Bowl Blog No. 1—Media Palooza blog post. Looking forward to next. :)

Posted by jasonkaspa  on  02/02  at  05:29 AM
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