Story Behind The Story

Rufus vs. Brutus


I took this picture from the south stands at the ‘shoe on Saturday. Didn’t realize until Monday it shows Rufus moments before he pounces on Brutus. Look at the top-left part of the picture. What a sight that was!

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Local Pastor In Trouble With The Law

Good evening everyone! I’ve got my hot cup of Keurig coffee here and I’m ready to blog! (If you know me, you know I can’t operate without coffee… period.)

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Flu Vaccines, Women Bank Robbers And Almost Getting Flattened By A Car

I’m just happy to be sitting in my chair here unscathed. See, I had a bit of a close call with a car today – and I’m pretty sure the man behind the wheel never saw me.

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Scary Moment Out On The Job

Today was yet another example of how anything can happen to you at any given moment.

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Riding In Back Of Highway Patrol Cruisers - It’s Not What You Think!

I hope I can still figure out how to post this article on my blog – it’s been such a long time! (Sorry for that by the way!) Between work, covering Buckeyes games and a daughter who is sick (and finally getting better,) I’ve been pretty busy!

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Such An Inspiring Story!

Saw this on ESPN monday. Take a few minutes to watch this story, you’ll be glad you did!  I love sports and good story telling - and this combines the two.

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Volunteers Remember Katrina Five Years Later

Good evening all. You should all feel fortunate that you don’t have to hear my voice this evening as my allergies continue to kick my tail. (It almost sounds as if I have a clothespin on my nose.) No kidding….

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New Housing Information Troubling To Home Sellers

Sometimes, things just happen to fall into place. It’s a rarity, but can be so refreshing when it does happen! Today was one of those days.

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To ‘Surf’ And Protect?

A Columbus police freeway officer who is now facing allegations of looking at pornography on his personal laptop while in his cruiser (and on the clock.) I wish I could share some of the comments we got from Joe Public on this one!

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Columbus Tops Ohio Cities In Homicides So Far In 2010

Whew! Has it been a busy few days or what?

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Dude, Where’s My Mail?

If today had a theme, it would be ‘driving.’ We (and by ‘we’ I mean myself and my photographer, Mitch) spent three plus hours in the car today just to shoot this story. I like to think it came together all right, but that’s for you to decide.

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90 Plus Degree Heat = Whew!

After a day like today, lets just say I’m glad I’m back in the A/C!

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Look Who Made ‘The Other Paper’

Warning: This isn’t all pretty.

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Police Chief Hopes Voters Approve Levy; Says Department Is On The Line

I write tonight’s blog while trying to block out the pain from my swollen right shin. (Thank you pickup truck hitch…)

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Cuts On The Way To CPD S.W.A.T.?

Gotta love days when things just fall into place! (As you can probably tell by my blog postings, that doesn’t happen too often.)

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