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The Issue Of Animal Hoarding In Central Ohio

Today I did a follow-up story on the report I did yesterday.

See, on Friday, 24 dogs were seized from a home in Fayette County after they were found to be living in alleged inhumane conditions. They were apparently all caged and covered in feces. Plus, some 13 caged dogs were found dead in a house on the same property. Fast-forward to Tuesday, 89 dogs were seized from a different home in Delaware County after they were found to be living in alleged inhumane conditions as well. (Yes, I realize I said the word “alleged” twice in this paragraph.) I say that because I was told of these conditions by humane society officers and did not see them for myself.

Moving on, the task at hand today was trying to figure out how big of a problem animal hoarding is in central Ohio.

For this story, I called a variety of resources including someone from the SPCA in Circleville as well as the Capital Area Humane Society in Columbus. First things first, we went to CAHS to interview the Executive Director who gave some interesting insight as to why some people collect so many animals. To hear or read that insight, check out the story on

Following our interview, we knocked out a couple teases, a standup and went on our way to Circleville for our interview with someone from SPCA. (At least, we thought we were going to Circleville for the interview.) Once we got in our truck, I gave her call and it turned out she didn’t have the time to meet with us. While it would have been great to get her perspective on the issue, I understand. (I know the world does not revolve around us!)

Once we left CAHS, we headed to the Delaware County Humane Society to get some video of the dogs that were seized. When we arrived, we found the place packed with people wanting to adopt these dogs. By 7pm, 12 or so had already been adopted to a new home. (You should have seen the smiles on some of these kids who were getting a new pup!) After getting some video of the dogs, we interviewed a couple people who were adopting new pets. We used those sound bites outside my story in our newscast.

I’ll say this, (and it goes for any story I do with an animal shelter) It is extremely hard to do these stories, and not walk out with a new pet! (You must practice extreme restraint) While I’ve never fallen victim, (I’ve come close) I have had some colleagues who have ended up adopting animals they see at a shelter. (not me… yet)

Some of my day was also consumed trying to figure out how to use a new fan page created for me on Facebook. (I use the term “fan” loosely.) Anyways, to check it out, just search for me on Facebook. (Just look for the guy cheesin’ it up for the camera with the tie undone.)

Anyways, I’m sure I’m missing something on this blog, but I’ve got things ta do!

Posted by Tom Brockman  on 07/14 at 07:15 PM



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