Mikaela's Wake Up Call

There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays

It’s great to go home during this time of year.  But with little kids in tow, or if you’re hosting them, it adds a whole new perspective to your holiday experience.

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It’s controversial, but it has meaning in all of our lives.  A little bit on how I look at 9/11 this year.  And the mission that meant a great deal to our country.

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Baby Boot Camp

You thought you had it all under control after Baby Number One.  As I’m learning, expect the unexpected!

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Man-to-Man Defense

A new strategy.  A new place in life.  We start with 45 minutes to get the little guy’s brain around the concept.

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30 Day Photo Challenge

You’ll look at life a little differently.  By the frame, by the color, by the things that surround you.

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Embracing the “Baby Mentality”

A recent visit to the newsroom got the moms talking and the general consensus is no, you’re never fully ready for #2 or beyond.

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You’re Going to Like the Way You Make Someone Else Look

It’s an effort that clears out your closet and gives back to your community.

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When the Pool Won’t Do It

Kids are out of school and looking for fun things to do.  But what do you do when you have several different age groups under one roof?

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It’s a Food Fight!

Food Fight!  But you won’t get in trouble in the cafeteria for this one.

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2 Years Will Teach You A Lot

Just when you thought you couldn’t change, you do.  It’s all thanks to a little guy who speaks gibberish half of the time.

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When You Can Make a Difference with a Child

May is National Foster Care month and while you may not be able to foster or adopt you can help these children in other ways.

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Helping Out Your Girls

There are certain times in life that you need to be there for the people that are there for you—no matter how busy you are.

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The Seasonal Purge

Spring Cleaning is definitely one of those things you can love or hate, depending on how much work you need to get done.

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What to Buy and What Not to Buy

We came across a couple guides to making big and small purchases, no matter the time of year.

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My Social Media Experiment

How 40 days changed my viewpoint on relationships

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