Mikaela's Wake Up Call

Life List 2010 and Hot Mommies

Revisiting your resolutions, becoming financially savvy, and a few cute moms to boot!

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Cracking Under Pressure?

Ohio winters can be brutal on your feet, and we wanted to find out if a little egg could work magic on our dry skin.

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My First “Mom Moment”

An epiphany of sorts and memories of Olympic Games long ago and far away.

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Stuck in A Snow Drift, Nothing To Do

We’re talking The Ripple Effect and other things to consider while you’re stuck inside with this cold weather and snow.

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Slap Chop Or Not & Random Acts Of Kindness

A local chef and I give the Slap Chop a whirl, and Panera “pays it forward” during Random Acts of Kindness Week.

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Decisions… Decisions

In the midst of blizzard-like conditions is it a woman thing or a momentary lapse of judgement?

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The Perfect Brownie and A Valentine’s Day Solution

You know you’ve done it!  Sitting at home on a lazy afternoon, sucked in by the latest infomercial.

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The Perfect Red

In lipsticks, cars, and dresses it’s probably the most sought after shade.  But it takes on new importance today.

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What’s In The Water?

Consider yourself warned.  When you drink the water at NBC 4, you never know what to EXPECT.

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