Mikaela's Wake Up Call

Family, Tradition, and The Ever Important Snack

The holidays really come down to two things:  Talking and Eating.  Every family has their own way to do it.  What’s yours?

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Getting Us All in the Mood

We all experienced difficult times in our workplace in the last couple of years.  And a big change that’s about to happen at NBC 4 is bringing an upbeat mood to the daily grind.

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All It Takes is 5 Minutes to Make a Difference

You’re filling your back seat, your spare closets, and every available nook and cranny with presents for friends and family.  But while you’re shopping, take five minutes and spend an extra five dollars.  It will be the best money you spend all season!

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A Dose (or Two) of Thankfulness

The turkey’s digested, the stuffing and mashed potato leftovers have run their course, now it’s just you… your holiday mindset… and opportunity.

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