Mikaela's Wake Up Call

We Made It!

One year down and hopefully many, many more to go.

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Paying Homage to the Queen

You had questions, we like to be here for you… and get answers!  Straight from the Coupon Queen.

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The Coupon Queen

We heard from quite a few viewers who had some amazing coupon skills.  But one local woman has the skills AND the know-how to teach even me some great tricks.

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Those You Love Could Be A Victim

From some of the deepest sorrow I’ve seen in my life, comes information that all of us need to be aware of.  If you’ve lost a loved one, criminals can steal their identity through a few simple online searches.

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While You Were Sleeping:  A Major Story through Early A.M. Eyes

I was a little shocked this morning before I even left my bedroom.  Big, breaking news happened overnight.  I learned about it from the palm of my hand.

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