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Embracing the “Baby Mentality”

Maybe my laptop’s been hiding it out at the anchor desk?  Maybe you haven’t been watching for the last 9 months?  (I hope that’s not the case!)  Maybe it’s the fact that my face really doesn’t change much between the time I’m not pregnant and when I’m about to give birth?  (Scratch that, if you look at my nose—it COMPLETELY changes in the last 30 days of pregnancy.)  For some reason though, even in the last month, I’ve heard this from viewers:

“My mom told me you’re pregnant again, is that true?”

“Can you turn to the side this morning so we can see your bump?”

“Are you expecting again?  I didn’t know!”

Yes, expecting and due in less than a month.

One of my dear co-workers had her extended family in just last week and her sister just had a third child.  We started talking as I was holding her adorable six month old girl charming us with her teething grin and brightly colored headband.  Was I ready?  Did I have everything together?  Did I know that everything was going to be okay adding another?  What had people told me?

And I admitted, even this far along, I don’t think I fully have come to wrap my brain around the fact that I’m due to have a baby on August 10th.  I haven’t had a good talk with any of my mom friends because of this crazy schedule that I work.  When they’re settling down after putting their multiple children to bed at 8:30 at night, I’m already sleeping.  It doesn’t make for many good conversations about this subject.

Part of this lack of realization also has to do with chasing around a two year old who is all-boy and throwing footballs and slamming his body into the couch, despite all my warnings against it.  Part of it is that I’ve had a busy year here at work with a lot of changes behind the scenes and my mind has been focused on the morning newscast.

It doesn’t matter what the situation has been prior to now.  I need to embrace the “baby mentality” as we were saying in the middle of this newsroom visit.  I need to put my game face on and get ready to head into it with my best strategies from having Logan at hand.  I need to pull out my books, clean up my Boppys, swings, and pack n’ plays and organize the bulb syringe/baby Tylenol/nail clipper area in the new nursery.

Who am I kidding?  I had strategies—but every baby is different!

Is having #2 really life-changing or do you just adjust to a new normal?
And what’s your best advice for handling #1 and #2 and so on and so forth?

You know me, I’ve looked for books on the subject and can’t seem to find any that are really thorough and take care of everything from feeding the baby while entertaining your toddler to making sure Logan doesn’t impale Little Thorpe #2 with a Lego.  I read Babywise, Happiest Baby on the Block, and any other acclaimed book I could get my hands on… and this time around: I can’t find anything! 

I take that back.  I read an e-Book that I got for $3.99 which uses a “tip by the alphabet letter” style for #2.  As you can tell from that description, slightly helpful at best but very basic.

So your advice, tried and true moms and dads of multiple kids, would be appreciated.  I am about to go into a land I don’t fully comprehend and haven’t really had time to sit back and consider.

I’m kind of nervous… but trying to build up some confidence at the same time… since I’ve done this once before, right?


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