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Spring Cleaning Your Emotions

In our busy lives, we try to find the time on this kind of day to clean through all the stuff we’ve collected over the winter months.

Or, let’s get real about this, we like to find ourselves a little spot in the park or outside our favorite eatery… put up the umbrella… and drink a cool beverage while ruminating on the simple things in life.

But eventually, the procrastinating has to stop.  We have to get back to the toting up of winter clothes and shoes.  Clean out the drawer in the kitchen where you’ve amassed every coupon and Post-It you could find in the past three months.  Wipe down every cranny in every bathroom and bedroom in your house until there is some sparkle that you can pick up out of the corner of your eye.

And when doing that, isn’t it a good idea to maybe spring clean your brain?

I know it might sound weird.  One of our producers thought I was going all “new age” on her today with this concept.  But I am serious.  I talked one-on-one with a local leadership consultant today about “Spring Cleaning Our Emotions.“  So, let’s get the gunk out!!!

Dr. Ted Sun is a published author and calls himself the Chief Dream Maker at Executive Balance in Worthington.  He’s also very involved in Leadership Worthington.  I don’t know if Sun saw the stress on my face, or if he sees it on yours at the grocery store when you run into him, but he says we all need to clean out the emotional barriers that are holding us back.  Only then can we get ahead.  The full story airs tonight on NBC 4 at 5:00.

Apparently, Sun says, people who were able to make it out of the Great Depression had it right.  They took their circumstances, got terribly frustrated, and then turned their lives around because they knew there was NO OTHER OPTION.  He says we don’t do that enough anymore while we’re in the midst of paying a too-expensive-mortgage, doing extra work for the boss at work just to keep the paycheck coming, and all the other stressors that have weighed us down over the winter.  You want real life stress?  Sun says take a look on the internet at places like Haiti.  That’s real stress.  We can get over the rest of it.

It all SOUNDS great.  Really it does. But I questioned Sun:  How do we put this into practice?  I mean, how do we really “spring clean” our emotions??  A few internet hits on the latest devastation in our world might not do it, or it may, because there is a lot of tragedy out there.

So here goes… the directions for Spring Cleaning.  Sun says it’s okay to rant and rave about your problems.  (I know of at least three people in my life that will be happy to hear that!!)  But it’s all in how you do it and with whom.  You can write it down in a journal.  You can “get mad” in front of a mirror.  If either of those are too corny for you, talk to someone who will listen to your ranting and raving (insert words that work for you here to describe this activity.)

But here’s the key.  After you moan and groan, essentially letting out all those emotions, find someone who does things better than you.  You know, someone who is living life in a way where they are successful in the way you want to be.  Call it a mentor, a peer coach, whatever.  But find them and tell them how you’ve been feeling and then ask them the secret to their success.  Model it.  I know you’ve probably heard that kind of rigmarole before.  But when have you actually sought out someone like that and gone to them when you find yourself in a rut?

Sun says that’s the only way to keep the emotions clean.

I know what you might be thinking… how can people with true emotional issues that need to be treated by a professional do something like this?  We had the same question for Sun today.  He believes you need to address the pharmaceutical needs, same with your therapeutic needs, and then try to change up your diet.  Your body will release some of that weight you’re holding onto, and we’re not talking about the “l-b” kind.  Your spirit will be lighter, he says.  After that, Sun says you’ll be ready to spring clean that brain like everyone else.

So get out your Clorox, get out that power washer, but put them on hold for an hour or two.
The real spring sun could shine in if you take a good look at the junk you’ve been holding onto since this past winter!

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