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You’re Going to Like the Way You Make Someone Else Look

I fully know I could get in trouble for saying this.
But I’m going to anyway.  Because it’s partially my fault.
And I need to take some responsibility.

My husband is tearing holes in his suit jackets left and right.
As a matter of fact, I think he’s down to about 2 suits that are free and clear of fabric that is exposing his elbows.

He’s hard on them, working out in the “field” here at NBC 4.  And if I were more organized as the Other Half of our equation, I would have a tailor on standby to take his suits to on a regular.  But right now, I’m not.  And the tailor that I used to go to up and moved and I have no clue where she is now.  I must not have scanned that business card with a phone number.  I need an app for that.  I know there is one—I’ve done a story on it.  I need to download it.  You see that I have some issues.

Guys need at least one sharp, pressed, and well-dressed suit on hand at all times, if you work in a business that requires it (like Marcus), if you have a big event you’ll attending (see some of the Men of Columbus in picture below), or if you’re in the job interviewing process. 


That suit just makes you feel confident and helps you put your best foot forward.

The National Suit Drive was a new concept to me, but apparently it’s been going on for five years now.  Men’s Wearhouse… oh yes the, “You’re going to like the way you look” folks… has been collecting gently used suits to give back to unemployed men during that time.  Their goal this July:  collect 110,000 suits and give them to 200 non-profit organizations around the country.

Here in Columbus the suits (and other professional attire for men) will go to the Volunteers of America.  And these items won’t just show up in their retail stores around town—there is a specific plan for them.  Homeless and at-risk veterans looking for jobs through their Veterans Resource Center will get the clothes.  They’re given to those veterans who are in their employment and transitional housing programs.  It’s the third year they’ve been the recipients of the suits from Men’s Wearhouse.  Last year they were given 500 suits, dress shirts, pants, ties, and shoes.  This year, I’ve been told that locally there is a high demand for dress shoes and big and tall suits

So how do you donate?  It’s really easy.  Take your gently used items to a Men’s Wearhouse location in Columbus.  You’ll find them at the Mall at Tuttle Crossing, Lennox Town Center, Polaris Fashion Place, and Easton Town Center.  The employees at the store will process the items for you and get them to the VOA of Greater Ohio.  If you live somewhere else in the country, visit this website visit this website to learn where your closest donation site is and who will receive the clothes.  You in return, as a perk, will get a 50% off coupon to the store for your donation.  You can share your experience on Twitter by using #giveasuit and Men’s Wearhouse will give one dollar (up to $25,000) to the cause, as well.

So guys (and you ladies who want to help your dad, brother, or significant other) now is the time to clean out that closet and see what you can give back.  You could give a suit, and who knows?  You might change a life by helping a deserving guy, get a job!


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