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How many pens does it take to sign a bill?

Jody Asked:
When the President or other public official signs and important document, why do they have a line of pens to use and what do they do with them all?

We Found:
Presidential pens are manufactured and engraved so that they can be given away as gifts, usually to someone significant in creating or passing a bill. The president often uses several different pens to sign different copies of the same document so there will be enough pens to give away — a time-honored tradition.

To read an article found about former President Harry Truman and his Presidential Pen’s, please visit,

Posted by on 04/21 at 11:34 AM
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Weekly tests of the Emergency Broadcast System seem to be done much more freuquently than just once a week and seem to be done during early evening/prime time viewing.  Is this perception correct and why can’t the tests be done after midnight?

Posted by Cory  on  04/21  at  06:11 PM
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