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Should I tip the newspaper delivery person?

Monika Asked:
I get the Sunday paper. What is an appropriate amount for a tip to a person whom I never see? I would tip more if they were to get the paper on my porch. It is usually way down the drive way.

We Found:
The Tipping Etiquette Guide states tipping is a discretionary. If you don’t think tipping is necessary in a particular circumstance, then don’t tip. According the website, tipping for newspaper deliveries is not necessary, but can be appropriate during Christmas time. However, if you feel the need to tip and be generous, an average range for tips is 15-20%. However, $2-$3 for a newspaper delivery person is more than appropriate.

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Posted by on 12/11 at 02:50 PM
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My husband use to deliver the Dispatch for almost 10 years and it was amazing the people who don’t tip!  He would get compliments by his customers all the time for doing great work…but when it came to Christmas I guess people just forget about the newspaper delivery people!  These are people who have to deliver in any weather…not to mention 15 inches of snow - last year!

Posted by Beth  on  12/15  at  02:12 PM
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