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Violations for parking in handicap space?

John Asked:
Can you tell me what is the fine for parking in a handicap parking spot illegally (without being authorized to do so). As I park in different parking lots around Central Ohio, I have noticed the fines listed for illegally parking in that parking spot ranges from 75 to a 250 fine. How is this possible?

We Found:
We spoke to Mary Webster from Public Service, she says it is illegal to park in any space designated for handicap parking only pursuant to State and City codes.

City Code 2151.01z:

2151.01 Parking prohibitions in specified places.

(1) No person shall stop, stand, or park a vehicle except when necessary to avoid conflict with any other traffic or to comply with the directions of a police officer or a traffic control device in any of the following places:
(z) In a handicapped designated parking space as defined in Section 2155.01(h) unless the vehicle is a handicapped designated vehicle as defined in Section 2155.01(g) or a handicapped designated vehicle from a state other than Ohio entitled to reciprocity pursuant to Section 5502.03 of the Ohio Revised Code.

The fine is $500. The City reports people with 1 outstanding handicap violation to the State of Ohio’s DETER program, which means violators cannot renew (or register new) license plates in Ohio until the outstanding fines are paid in full. Penalties are also added.

After 10 days, there is a $15 penalty added to the ticket; if still unpaid after 30 more days, an additional $20 penalty is added. If you are in the State of Ohio’s DETER program, an additional $5 per ticket is added (this fee is passed through to the State of Ohio)

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