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What are the Soliciting Laws in Ohio?

Allison Asked:
My parents have a “No Soliciting” sign posted on their door. They’ve had it there for years after a number of solicitors were rude and wouldn’t leave the property after they declined their offers or “free” material. However, despite the number, the color, and the size of the bold text saying “No Soliciting,“ solicitors still come and knock on the door. What needs to be posted so no more solicitors will knock on the door and what can be done about solicitors who continue to knock?

We Found:
We spoke with the Columbus Police Department, there are no laws in Columbus against soliciting and the best way for a person to stop solicitors is to place a sign outside their door. If solicitors still come to the door, even after seeing the signs, the best thing to do is to not answer the door.

According to the Ohio Revised Code, there is no general crime of solicitation that applies to all offenses. Rather, solicitation is found under the complicity statute discussed…“no person shall solicit or procure another to commit the offense”

There is however, a crime called “Soliciting” that is considered a sex offense.

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