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What happens to lost mail?

Toby Asked:
My question concerns the post office, who is held responsible when mail is lost? This has happened to my twice and I would like to know why the post office is not responsible in their actions.

We Found:
We spoke to United States Postal Service, if lost mail is no insured there is no monetary compensation, USPS is not held responsible. However, if you purchase insurance for shipping, USPS allows 21 days after the date of mailing to open an investigation to determine what happened to the specific mail package.

For more information please call Customer Service, 1-800-275-8777

Posted by on 12/19 at 09:45 AM
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I had this same thing happen Toby. I had a tracking number. That tracking number showed the package was delivered. USPS would not help me because there was no insurance purchased and the package was marked delivered in their system. How do I know the carrier didn’t take it? How do I know the carrier didn’t deliever it to the wrong address? Apparantly that’s not their problem if you don’t spend more money to assure they do their job right. I filed a police report but that really didn’t help at all. I’m out $23 dollars for one of my daughters gifts.

Posted by Joseph Waldorf  on  12/21  at  05:01 AM
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