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What is the difference between DUI and OVI?

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What is the difference between OVI and DUI?

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OVI is the abbreviation for Operating a vehicle impaired. Ohio’s General Assembly amended our drunk driving / DUI statute to broaden the offense from driving under the influence to operating a vehicle impaired. The big difference is that operation does not require that the vehicle actually be moving. As a matter of fact, the vehicle doesn’t even have to be running so long as you are in the driver’s seat and the keys are within reach.
Example: the vehicle is pulled off to the side of the roadway with the driver in the driver’s seat asleep (passed out) and the keys in the driver’s hand.

*If the police officer can’t prove that you actually drove the vehicle while impaired, you can be charged with Physical Control ( so they can charge you anyway).

DUI is the abbreviation for Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs (driving while intoxicated, drunk driving, drinking and driving, drink-driving) or other drugs, is the act of operating a motor vehicle (and even a bicycle, boat, airplane or horse in selected jurisdictions) after having consumed alcohol, to the degree that mental and motor skills are impaired.

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