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Where is the best place to hang my carbon monoxide detector?

Andrea Asked:
Where is the best place to hang your carbon monoxide detector? I’ve heard that it should be hung more than waist high, is this true?

We Found:
First you should know what carbon monoxide is, carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless, tasteless and potentially toxic gas. It is usually present in our homes in small quantities and is normally not a problem. Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs after exposure to high levels of CO gas. Because CO is not detectable by ordinary senses, it can cause injury or death before anyone knows it is present. Everyone who lives in a home with CO sources is at some risk if these sources or their vents malfunction.

When installing your carbon monoxide detector, place within 15 feet of each bedroom, so that it can be heard if you are sleeping. Remember, homes may need more than one detector, depending on how many bedrooms there are and where they are located. for the carbon monoxide detector it is near the floor. The monoxide is heavier than air, so it fills the room from the floor up. When it reaches the ceiling, it is far too late for everybody in the room.
Note that carbon monoxide detectors have a chemical that helps in the detection process. This needs to be replenished over time, so be sure to check this as well as the batteries.
*Don’t forget your smoke detectors also!

Below we have included a site that covers some of other question you may have about carbon monoxide:
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